Your wedding photography and videography is an investment.

Of all your wedding vendors, your photo and video team is with you all day, from getting ready in the morning to dancing the night away. Your photos and videos are memories that will last a lifetime! It's so important that you choose the photographer and videographer that's best for you, who fits your vision and makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire experience.

No two weddings are exactly the same, which is why I offer options and packages for you to choose what's best for you! I work with you to look at your timeline and schedule for the day and choose the best option to capture your day.

My packages begin at $3,000 for photography or videography and $6,000 for both photography and videography

Contact me for a custom quote!

Please note that photography and videography services are taxed in Pennsylvania at 6% and at 8% in the city of Philadelphia


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